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Wir haben eine neue Website und neue Pläne – schaut vorbei:

+++ neue Website: +++

+++ update in English +++

Our e-mail is now open again so you can get in touch if you have an acute lack of funds to pay rent, health insurance, medicines, food etc. Please make sure you have checked if there is any other way you can get money, e.g. through government programs or from private networks like friends or family. There are some links below you can check that could help. This direct support it aimed at people who don’t have access to these options, and since the amount of money we can raise with this project is limited, we ask you to decide for yourself if you have other options.

Also, we have a new website:

We are currently working on English and other translations of the website, and hopefully will have them ready soon.

Some links to existing aid, funds, resources: